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A Closer Look at Energy Efficient Windows and How They Work

New technologies continue to make it easier for homeowners to enhance the functionality and performance of their home. One major innovation began in 1979 with the advent of double and triple pane windows. This high efficiency upgrade to your windows can greatly reduce your energy costs. Single paned windows are now almost obsolete in modern homes. Energy efficient windows are an intelligent addition to any home and City View Windows and Doors is here to help you choose and install the best option for you.

How Do They Work?

The main appeal of these types of windows is the fact that they will help keep cold air in during summer and cold air out during winter. In other words, they are better barriers, so that whatever temperature you are trying to regulate within your home, the windows will contain it.

Before this modernized glass windows came into the picture, glass panes were made up of only a single pane that separated the interior from the exterior. These single panes were not very effective at blocking heat from escaping in the winter or keeping it out in the summer. Then came low-e glass —a modernized and sophisticated kind of glass that is thicker and much better at controlling heat flow.

Low-e stands for low emissivity. This refers to the amount of heat a material can generate. A high emissivity object is better able to radiate energy than a low emissivity. So, this type of low-e glass emits less heat than regular glass, blocks ultraviolet light, but allows for visible light to shine through. These features together combine to make an effective material for controlling temperature.

Consider the Frame

There are a variety of possibilities when it comes to window frame material. Each material has its pros and cons when it comes to energy saving potential. Below are some of the options:

Wood: These frames offer great insulation, but might require a little bit more maintenance. Consider the kind of climate you live in and whether wood might be easily warped with humidity or too much rain.

Vinyl: Good quality vinyl can produce a good bang for your buck and still offer excellent efficiency measures through insulated glass and tight construction.

Aluminum: This material can be a good choice for very humid or rainy weather. In hurricane prone areas, for example, these windows are resistant and meet the building codes required in those regions.

Fiberglass: This is a heavy duty and durable material with superior thermal performance.

Save Money With Energy Efficient Windows

Save on your energy bill with energy efficient windows.  They not only look better in your home, but they will more efficiently keep the temperature you want in the winter and summer. Call City View Windows and Doors today for more information on how to save energy.  

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