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Windows and Doors: What To Do When an Issue Arises

broken window with brown frameOn a particularly chilly Tuesday morning, Mr. Everett Thames awoke, bright and early, to go about his morning routine. He put on his weathered slippers and walked into his bathroom to get the shower going. But something stopped the old man in his tracks. Scattered across the floor were thousands of shattered pieces of glass. Poor Mr. Thames began to panic, not knowing what to do. Thoughts of a break-in flowed through his half-asleep mind. A sudden chill brought Mr. Thames back to reality. He noticed that the bathroom window was completely destroyed, the cool early morning breeze was nonchalantly flowing in and out of the small bathroom. How did this happen? The old man thought. Windows and doors tend to be forgotten about until something happens. In these instances, it’s best to call City View Windows and Doors for professional assistance.

Why It’s Important To Care for Your Windows and Doors

After Mr. Thames carefully swept up the broken glass, he went into the kitchen to retrieve a trash bag. If this had occurred at any other time of the year, he wouldn’t have minded the open window in the least. Today, though, the chill of winter was quickly overtaking Mr. Thames’ small home. He shivered as he taped the trash bag where the window used to be. This black, makeshift window brought a moment’s respite to the old man. The cold breeze ceased to blow but now he was exhausted. The shattered window put a damper on Mr. Thames. His Tuesday was now ruined.

As he sat on his twin-sized bed, Mr. Thames decided to stop feeling sorry for himself. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he stood up and grabbed his phone and called a professional window and door installation company. Mr. Thames understood the severity of his case. A shattered window is dangerous and should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Faulty doors also require immediate assistance because they can make a home feel less secure and become less efficient. Drafty windows and doors result in more difficulty when attempting to keep a home comfortable. HVAC systems have to work harder to regulate indoor temperatures when windows and doors are drafty.

Get The Assistance You Deserve

This was all old news to Mr. Thames. As he waited for the City View Windows and Doors team to arrive, Everett drank his coffee, his spirits lifting with each sip. Once the team arrived, they told Mr. Thames that his window more than likely shattered in the middle of the night due to a change in temperature. Before long, Mr. Everett Thames had a new window installed in his bathroom and his life returned to normal.  So, if you’re in the El Paso area and your home’s windows and doors require assistance, we can help! Contact City View Windows and Doors today.

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