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Four Advantages of Installing a Shower Door

clear shower doors in a gray/slate/white modern bathroomMost people don’t give their shower curtain a second thought. It’s simply something that’s always existed. Yet, sprucing up your bathroom can do a lot for the look, but also for the functionality, safety, and ambience. Glass doors are a great option for someone looking to improve their bathroom. City View Windows and Doors is up to date with the latest trends in home decor and we know glass like no one else in town. Make an impression with your bathroom simply by changing one element.

  1.  Improve Functionality

Perhaps your bathroom is rather compact, you’ve built an add-on, or converted an extra space into an additional bathroom. If so, maximizing space is key. Glass shower doors maximize space and complement the existing architecture. Bathroom curtains often feel cumbersome, reduce light, and crowd what might already be a reduced space. Doors are a stylish way to create angles and create a perception of cleaner and open space. At the same time they are great splash guards to keep water from seeping into your bathroom floor.

  1.  Minimal but Modern

The styles and kinds of bathroom glass doors vary greatly, but it’s largely agreed upon that they give any bathroom a modern and fashionable appeal. Glass is always in vogue; it has a refined and elegant appeal. The different options available allow homeowners to keep their bathroom design simple and minimal while injecting a splash of modernity and style. Improve the configuration of your bathroom with a simple change that maintains a practical simplicity, but is characteristic, graceful, and inviting.

  1. Looks Great with Any Color

Regardless of the color scheme in your bathroom, glass doors accentuate and augment the existing design or shades. The right doors will add luminosity to your bathroom, as they draw out existing tile color and unify the design. Glass doors tend to illuminate and make better use of lighting, brightening up enclosed and dull spaces.

  1. Great Options

There are many different types of doors that can be installed depending on your bathroom, your preference, spacing, and style. Here are a few of the options available:

  • Bypass, or sliding doors. Think patio doors— consisting of two glass panels that slide on tracks from one side to the other.
  • Hinged door. A typical door design that consists of a door that opens to one side hinging on two pivot hinges.
  • Pivot doors. This is a swinging door that can swing a full 180 degrees.

Modernize with City View Windows & Doors

Improve your bathroom from an old fashioned and weary space to a modern, fashionable, and functional room with glass shower doors. At City View Windows & Doors we specialize in finding the right choice for your home—whether it be living room windows, front doors, or shower doors. Call us today and spruce up your bathroom.

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