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Shower Doors

Shower Doors for Homes in El Paso and the Southwest

If you’re ready to take your shower to the next level, consider shower doors! These types of doors replace shower curtains with class and style. City View Windows and Doors offers shower doors to suit the needs of any homeowner in El Paso. When it comes to shower doors, you’ve got options! From different types of doors, frames, and glass, you can choose an option that suits the exact aesthetic you’re going after. And, of course, our team will guide you every step of the way. If you require installation or repair and maintenance services, we can help

Shower Door Types

There are many types of door options for homeowners to choose from. The most common are pivot/hinged, bypass/sliding, corner and fixed. Depending on your wants and needs are, City View will have the right fit. Pivot/hinged doors are the most “door-like” shower door option. They swing open like any other door (hence the “pivot” delineation), giving the bathroom and shower a special, glass case look. These types of shower doors are the most common due to their style, usefulness, and simplicity.

Bypass/Sliding Doors

Bypass/sliding doors are much like pivot doors except that they don’t swing open. Instead, these doors slide to allow entrance into the shower area. This option is also very popular and great for homeowners who want to save on space while adding luxury to their bathroom.

Corner Shower Doors

Corner (or “neo-angle”) shower doors bring a different type of angle to the shower door stage. With two smaller panels on the sides and one larger panel in the middle that swings open, corner doors are truly original. Fixed shower doors, on the other hand, are stationary and don’t swing out or slide. These doors are most common for individuals with showers that include the bathtub. They bring the clarity and class of shower doors.

Glass Types — Clear, Etched, Frosted

The glass for your shower door doesn’t have to be clear. Although clear glass is the most common option, there are more choices out there. Etched glass makes use of beautiful designs that offer more privacy while adding style to the glass doors. Frosted glass is the optimal choice for maximum privacy. No matter what you require, there’s a glass option out there for you!