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5 Benefits of Natural Light from Your Home’s Windows and Doors

sunroom with big windowsEl Paso residents are at a great advantage when it comes to getting a daily dose of sunlight. On average we experience 297 sunny days with temperatures averaging in the mid 80s. This type of weather can make us long to be outdoors, but have you ever considered how you can enjoy the sunlight indoors? By taking advantage of the natural light that emits through home windows and doors, not only can you save on energy costs, but you can help improve your everyday health.

Here are five reasons you should consider adding natural light to your home through windows and doors:

  • Improves mood. Did you know that limited exposure to sun has been linked to depression? A great way to improve your mood is to let some sun in! Our bodies are naturally drawn to the light and when exposed to the sun, our brain produces serotonin, a hormone that makes us feel happier.


  • Increases productivity. Did you know that sunlight can help you focus? Because natural light connects us to the outdoors, it creates an environment of productivity. If you work from home, this can directly impact how you feel about your job. Sunlight gives people a sense of satisfaction and calmness. The International Journal of Energy Engineering found that sunlight can also make people feel that their work is easier.


  • Healthy for eyesight. Natural light reduces eye strain because it makes it easier for our eyes to focus. For children, getting at least three hours a day of sunlight helps the healthy growth of eyeballs. Moreover, too much exposure to artificial lighting can be bad. Lighting such as fluorescent lights causes eye strain which has been linked to headaches.


  • Boosts energy. Not only does the sun make you feel more productive, but it can also give you a boost of energy. Instead of fighting fatigue with coffee, exposing natural light from your windows or doors can make you feel more awake. Moreover, a workspace with natural light, as opposed to artificial lighting like fluorescent lights, can spike mindfulness and creativity.


  • Helps improve sleep. Are you having difficulty sleeping? Try getting more vitamin D. Exposure to natural light throughout the day can help increase the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps our bodies sleep better, when we need it most – at night. One study found that people with less exposure to the sun experienced trouble sleeping.

Improve Your Health and Home in El Paso

Not only does natural light have positive effects on your health, but it can also improve your home’s appearance. Natural light makes spaces appear larger and more inviting. One common architectural trick to opening up a small space is adding a large window. If your home is lacking proper windows and doors that bring in sunlight, we can help! Contact City View Windows and Doors today.

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