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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger

Does your home have a bathroom that you wish was just a couple of feet bigger? This is a common sentiment among homeowners, especially those who purchased an older home. These older homes have their charm but they do require strategic planning considering their rooms tend to be smaller.

Making a bathroom look and feel bigger doesn’t require a major renovation project just choosing the right decorations and their placement.

First, the Mirrors

One way to instantly make the bathroom feel larger is with a mirror. A large mirror will essentially double the look and feel of the bathroom. Creating the illusion of more space requires one large framed mirror above the sink. You can also add additional framed mirrors to the walls, all of which will serve the purpose of making space feel bigger.

Next, Getting Rid of Clutter

One way to instantly make a room feel tighter and less spacious: more stuff. Clutter is the enemy when it comes to small spaces. Whether it’s a stack of old magazines that are collecting dust or random decorations that don’t serve a purpose, consider discarding or moving these items somewhere else. You’ll have fewer items to organize and this empty space will give you more room to move around.

Selecting the Right Colors

Colors are key when it comes to rooms. You can never go wrong with white. White backgrounds widen rooms and give the illusion of more space. If you’re looking for something more exciting, consider a soft pink or other pastel colors. Lighter tones are ideal for bathrooms of all sizes but a smaller bathroom will especially benefit from softer shades.  

Less Will Be More in a Smaller Space

We all love to add our unique touch of style to our homes. However, one too many decorations can go sour. Even small accessories should be reconsidered. Less is more! Instead of having three or four pieces of art hanging, find out that stands out and hang it in a place where it’s not the focal point. You can easily skip the decorations altogether and opt for mirrors instead.

Small But Bright

Keep your small bathroom bright and airy and it will instantly feel larger. The last thing you want is to feel claustrophobic inside your own home. With the right colors and decor, your small bathroom will be wide, open, and inviting.

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