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How to Know When Your Garage Doors Need Help

Remember the days when garage doors were manual? Your dad or granddad had to walk up to the door and manually pull it up, then run back to the car and drive in, only to repeat the process when the car was in. These days, automatic garage doors are something that most houses come with. It’s so easy in comparison- just press a button as you are pulling up to your garage and BOOM- open doors. Push the button again and the door closes behind you. So much simpler and less extraneous. However, just like anything else that is automated, automatic garage doors require maintenance and the occasional repair to keep working the way they should. So how do you know when to call a professional for repairs?

Look and Listen to Them

This tip is fairly obvious. You have been using your garage doors for years, and know what they sound like. So the day that you hear something different, it’s time to call the professionals. That sound may be the beginnings of minor damage that can quickly turn into a big repair if you ignore it.

Keep Your Hardware Tight

A garage door can be open and closed anywhere up to a thousand time in a year. That means that many parts are being jolted and gyrated a great deal. If you notice some of the hardware getting loose, it’s important to tighten them. If you aren’t sure how to do this, call the professionals for help.

Is It The Rollers?

Rollers are a key component to your garage doors and they aren’t made to last forever. These require maintenance and replacing every couple of years. It’s always better to call in professionals if you don’t know how to change them. Better safe and sorry!

Don’t Forget the Weatherstrip!

Yes, that rubber strip at the bottom of your garage door has a name- it’s a weatherstrip! This piece of rubber is installed to create a seal between your garage and the outside world. If the strip is cracked or peeling, it’s time to get it replaced so your garage door can do it’s job properly.

Check the Doors Themselves Regularly

No matter what materials your doors are made of, you have to regularly check the doors for warps, rust, and other problems that particular material may have. If not, wood doors can warp and steel doors rust, causing problems with the moving parts of your system.

Are Your Tracks Clear?

The tracks are a very important part of your doors- that’s what they move on! If you notice they are sagging or your doors aren’t aligned, call a professional immediately. Not only can this damage your door system permanently, but it can be a potential danger for anyone in your garage!

Call City View Windows and Doors for Help

At City View Windows and Doors, our experts can help you with all sorts of garage door related issues. We install, maintain, and repair so you can keep your convenient doors working for a long time. When you need a repair, don’t put it off. Call us today!  

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